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We are a creative production and post-house with worldwide production experience.
With roots in fashion and advertising we have a deep understanding of the visionary process, both in large scale productions and more compact projects.
MUD lodges a large team of creatives within photography, film and motion, post-production, project management and more.
That being said, feel free to cherry-pick the services you need.

Whether it’s leading a production or collaborating with other production teams and networks,
we always work to be flexible and deliver the best of the best.

Utilize our team of creative talent! Or rent our space and equipment for your productions.
We can help you out with all aspects surrounding projects-trimmed to your needs.

For studio rental and equipment we have two studios. Rent one or choose to have two productions run simultaneously in both.

Add on any services you might need production-wise, like our photographers, project management/producer, art buy, styling, studio-assistants, casting and more.

You’re also welcome to get in close to the action as we offer desk-spots in our beautiful office co-working space.

We are skilled in 2D animation and create graphic solutions for live-action films, full animations and how-to/guide films.

We provide 3D animation and stills with the highest quality for commercials and feature films. We do everything from simulations, simple animations to product rendering for e-com, commercials and ads.

When it comes to CGI, we are in the midst of the digital revolution for defining reality.
CGI is fast and it is powerful.
Through extensive experience in product images, animation and true-to-life renderings we can master the content production and create virtual but credible photorealistic imagery.
CGI comes in handy not at least when you want to promote a product but are missing samples.


Mud Studios – Est. 2014

Mud Studios was founded in 2014 as a retouching studio in Stockholm, Sweden, by Pierre Persson. Prior he worked as Mikael Jansson’s first photo assistant and post-production manager in New York.

This is where he learned about the post-production process while working closely with some of the most highly respected people in the fashion industry. He quickly gained a love and passion for the process that led him to open his own studio.

Today Mud partners with top brands, agencies, and creative professionals providing a full range of essential production and post production services for high end campaigns, creative content and large scale e-com visuals.


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